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Imported Products

Assistance in Procurement of Imported Product:

Our strong international networks can help us get you the best deals even for imported paper printing and packaging machines that may not be in our product list. Our specialized technicians would assist you in gauging the right type of machinery as per your requirement. 

Extended Services:

Partap, on behalf the international supplier, would also contribute as a proxy Indian ‘dealer’ by extending installation assistance, quality inspection, operational expertise, and timely maintenance of the product, as per terms of the contract.

Turn-Key Projects

Partap now, also accepts Turn-key projects, which are ‘on-site build’ order of a mill or plant that will be ready for the client operations. 

These are highly complex projects in which Partap would take the responsibility to complete down everything from order procurement, machine installations to quality inspection over a period of about 14 days to a month, as per the contract. Turn-Key projects are part of the construction process at the client’s site. 

If you opt for such a service, it would mean that our team of engineers and technicians would stay on site from the day the first machine is received by you to the day your entire plant or mill is set up and the key is handed over to you to turn on the processes. In literal sense, you would 'receive' the project when the set up or even a functional part of it is complete so that you can put the mill to immediate use.

Advantages would be - 

  • A tested and ready-to-use plant mill
  • Saving time at client end
  • Early-on clarity of work and performance specifications to the client