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Automatic Form Fill & Seal Machine

Automatic Form Fill & Seal Machine
to pack liquid items upto 200ml

Automatic Form Fill & Seal Machine
to pack dry items upto 200ml

Salient Features:

  • Fully automatic, Compact and Robust machine.
  • Simplified operation and low maintenance
  • Top quality components and best workmanship
  • All parts are made of Stainless steel
  • Fast changeover of pouch/sachet size and filling volume
  • Photoelectric mark registration system for precise cutting and sealing of the sachets / pouches
  • Counter for number of pouches packed
  • Machine mounted on castor wheels for easy movement
  • Custom-made to suit specific requirements




Sealing Type: 3-side sealing 3-side & 4-side sealing Center sealing 3-side and  4-side sealing
Pouch size
Range :
(in mm)
Width : 20 to 150
length : 45 to 240
Width : 20 to 150
length : 45 to 240
Width : 20 to 150
length : 45 to 240
Width : 20 to 150
length : 45 to 240
Filling range*
DRY (gms)
a)0.5 to 30
b)30 to 50
c)50 to 100
a) 0.5to30
b) 30to50
c) 50to100
a) 1 to 25
b) 25 to 50
c) 50 to 100
d) 20 to 100
e) 50 to 200
DRY (gms)
a) 0.5to30
b) 30to50
c) 50to100
a) 0.5 to 30gms per 1to25ml
b) 30 to 50gms  per 25 to 50 ml
c) 50 to 100g
per 50 to 100 ml
Operational Speed** 30 to 100 Dry - 30 to 100
Liquid - 30 to 70
30 to 100 Dry-30to100
Packing Material

All type of heat seal able laminates and special heat seal able film.


1/4 or /1HP 220V/single phase 50-60HZ

Heater 150w x 2 Nos.


150w x 2 Nos.


Load 300w X 2 No 300w X 4 No 300w X 2 No 300w X 4 No
Reel Dimensions: Outdia Max. 350mm Core inner dia: 70 /76 mm --- ---
Machine Dimension 750mm X 560mm X1750mm (LxDxH)
Shipment Dimension 100mm X 910mm X 1550mm
Net Weight 380 Kg. Approx.
Gross Weight 450 Kg. Approx.

* Note Depending on the specific gravity of the product for DRY & flow rate of the LIQUID product.
** Note Depending upon flow rate & volume of the DRY product and viscosity and volume of the LIQUID product


  1. Date & Batch No. Coding device-print embossed coding.

  2. Batch cutting device.

  3. Inert gas flushing system for extended product shelf life.

  4. Take off conveyors.

  5. Adjustable disc arrangement system.

  6. Telescopic disc system.

  7. Special glass enclosure to avoid product contamination and dusting.

  8. Hopper level sensor device.

  9. Augur filling system for non free-flowing powders.

  10. Rat tail cutting device.

Note: No. 1to4 can be used for any machine, No.5 to 9 are for DRY packing only & No. 10 is for LIQUID packing only.


These machines can be used to pack dry and liquid products such as

DRY : Powder, Granules, Tea dust, Ground Coffee, Tablets, Candies, Pan masala, Tobacco, Curry powder, Beans, Salt & Pepper, Cereals, Spices, Detergent powder, Peanuts, Sugar, Soft drink concentrates, ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt) & other medical powders, Talcum powder, Milk powder, Hair dye powder Myrtle (Henna) and many more.

LIQUID : Shampoo, Hair oil, Liquid detergent, Liquid hair dye, Lubrication oils, Syrup, Ketchup, Liquid soap and many more.

PASTE : Shaving cream, Beauty cream, Ointment, Tomato paste and many more.

Prompt & Efficient after Sales Service. Easy availability of Spare parts.