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Paper Cutting Machine for Hand Drive & Power

Special Features

  • Every part of the machine is manufactured from high quality material and is guaranteed free from pores.

  • The workmanship throughout is of highest standard as our machines are manufactured under the supervision of experienced and high qualified technicians.

  • Our products are most famous for their quality services, durability and accuracy as each machine is carefully tested throughout under working conditions before leaving the factory.

  • Our machine are light in working due to the bearings and bushes fitted at important places.

  •  Each machine is provided with automatic disengagement and automatic locking system to ensure the safety of the operator.

  • All gears are helical teeth and correctly pitched up for a smooth noiseless performance. one small gear is made of steel.

  • To save labor and time of the operator, each machine is provided with measurement device.

  • Both hand and power driven models are available.

  • Accessories: Two paper cutting Knives, Screw driver, Screw wrench, oil can and usual accessories.

  • Extra heavy duty machine with 4 runway in the knife beam are also available for paper & board mills.


Technical Data






Width of cutting table

660 mm

812 mm

915 mm

1065 mm

Feeding Height

100 mm

100 mm

115 mm

127 mm

Motor Power Required

1 H.P.

1 H.P.

2 H.P.

2 H.P.

Motor Speed

1440 R.P.M.

1440 R.P.M.

1440 R.P.M.

1440 R.P.M.

Smallest Remainder strip

19 mm

19 mm

25 mm

25 mm

Gross Weight

825 KGS.

1050 Kgs.

1250 Kgs.

1700 Kgs.

Floor Space Required

1295 X 1450 mm

1525 X 1650 mm

1525 X 1780 mm

1780 X 1900 mm



High Speed Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

This sturdy and streamline totally enclosed type power operated HIGH SPEED PAPER CUTTING MACHINE is designed for accurate cutting op paper, Board and other similar materials. Hand clamping device is of rapid type equipped with cut thread spindle and gun metal nut.

SUSPENDED PENDULUM CUT :  This is revolutionary new design in the operation of paper cutting knife. it minimise the wear and tear of the parts and gives long and trouble free life to the machine.

KNIFE : The knife is easily changeable & the displacement cannot take place under the severest pressure as the cross parallel groove in the knife plate provided. the knife in adjustable at the top by eccentric levers.

LUBRICATION:  Centralised lubrication system through pipe line is provided for all moving parts. Grease cups are fitted at the shaft bearing.

BACKGUAGE: High speed and fine adjustment is provided to the back guage for accurate and parallel cutting, positive locking arrangement at the convenient point is provided to adjust back guage at all points and check locking. 

MULTI DISC CLUTCH: Is of most revolutionary design, transmits positive sleepless drive with minimum maintenance.

BELT GUARD: Is provided to avoided any accident during operation of the machine.

LENS & LIGHT: Steel measuring tape can be read through magnifying glass, glare free illumination is provided for cutting line.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 1> Two paper cutting knives 2> Two Double ended spanners 3> One screw driver 4> One box spanner for knife 5> One plunger type oil can 6> Motor pulley, Motor stand, belt guard rear side gauge left and right and hand narrow cutting rake.

EXTRA: On request electrical auto measure gauge. and auto dab with motor or foot clamping 





37" 42"

Width of cutting Table

840 mm = 33"

940 mm = 37" 1050 mm = 42"
Feeding Height 100 mm = 4" 115mm = 4 1/2" 120mm = 4 3/4"
Usable Table Length in front of cutting line 380 mm = 19 1/4" 508mm = 20" 525mm = 21"
Usable Table Length behind cutting line 815 mm =33" 940 mm = 37" 1065 mm = 42"
Motor Power required 2 H.P. 2 H.P. 3H.P.
Motor Speed 1440 RPM 1440 RPM 1440 RPM
Diameter of Pulley 130 mm = 4  3/4" 130 mm = 4  3/4" 130 mm = 4  3/4"
Diameter of Fly wheel 565mm = 22 1/2" 565mm = 22 1/2" 565mm = 22 1/2"
Cuts per minute 25 approx. 25 approx. 20 approx.
Smallest Reminder Strip 3/4" = 19 mm 3/4" = 19 mm 1" = 25mm
Approximate weight 1400 KGs. 1600 KGs. 2000KGs.
Floor space required (approx.) 64" X 64" 70" X  70" 78" X 78"
  (1630 X 1630mm) (1780 X 1780mm) (1980 X 1980mm)


Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine


Maximum cutting width 43" Motor Speed 1400 R.P.M.
Maximum cutting depth 43" Backgauge Motor 1 H.P.
Pile Height 5" Space required Width 7.3"x7"x5.2"
Length of Table in front of the cutting line 20" Gross weight 3000 KGs.
Height of cutting Table 33" Cuts per minute 30
Power required 5 H.P. Clamping pressure 10 Tons











Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

High speed guillotines for paper, board, veneers, plastic and metal foils and similar leaf form material.
Robust construction to withstand rugged handling and to ensure smooth operation.

Standard Equipment

  • Program - The storage capacity of program is 99 programs and one program capacity is 99 cuts in this machine. The accuracy of the programs is 0.01 mm or 0.001". Conversion in inch and mm fraction with double speed 1:4 ratio motor with very accurate clutch brake system.

  • Fully automatic hydraulic clamp (Clamp beam can be operated by paddle with easy for cutting line check up)

  • Back gaug accuracy control through upper moving system

  • Photo cell safety guard set of infrared light avoid accident

  • Air cushion help move the paper stack very easily

  • Drive gear box - The worm gear drive has ground worm, need less power than any another conventional dry, The gears are running in oil bath,

  • (Knife Lift) changing device - can be changed easily and safely be single operator.

  •  Oil goes to all part of the machine thought pump

Technical Specification 

Length & Width of cut

115 cm (45.2") Max.

Height of pile

13.2 cm (5.2") Max.

Cuts per minute


Front table from cutting line

63.5 cm (25")

Back table behind cutting line

115 cm (45.2")

Smallest reminder strip

1.5 cm (0.5")

Motor Power Required

Total 7 H.P.
(5 H.P. for main machine drive with hydraulic unit, 1 H.P. for air blower, 1 H.P. for back guage.)

Floor Space

92" (W) X 103" (d) X 60" (h)


3500 KGs.













Note: The specification and dimensions are approx. and are subject to change along design of the machine for further improvement and development.

Standard Accessories: Two knives, Two Spanners, One Box Spanner for knife change, One Screw driver, One Oil Can.

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